Youtuber Lena Mahfouf on The Value Of Staying Authentic

Youtuber Lena Mahfouf On The Value Of Staying Authentic


Léna Mahfouf, aka Léna Situations, is a French YouTuber personality, influencer, and entrepreneur. She shares her daily life with her 1.4M Youtube subscribers and almost 2M followers on Instagram. A few weeks ago, we sat down with her to chat about success, her growing notoriety, and keeping a positive mindset. In our conversation, Léna shares how she started her journey on Youtube, and how she built a community that feels like a family where she can share the fun but also her moments of doubt and adversity. We also talk about the launch of her first book and who she would love to have dinner with. Don’t forget to leave a comment about what you like the most about Léna!

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Romain Wawrzyniak is our Editor-in-Chief. His enthusiasm and kindness make his guests feel comfortable creating intimate conversations and priceless insights.

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  1. Avatar
    Sophie June 18, 2020

    +=+ that’s it. Léna is such an inspiration in her videos, she’s so hardworking and makes us feel like everything is possible if we work for it. She motivates me everytime I watch her videos, she teaches me to not forget my goals and to stay motivated in any situations #LenaSituations 😉
    Love you Léna ?

    1. Good Manners
      Good Manners June 21, 2020

      Glad you enjoyed the article! It is important to do what you preach 😉


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