This Street Artist Wants to Inspire You to Do What You Love

This Street Artist Wants to Inspire You to Do What You Love


Wrdsmth is a published author, screenwriter, former advertising copywriter, and an emerging street artist. He moved to Los Angeles a few years ago to pursue his dreams and become happier. He is one of our favorite street artists and it was a real pleasure to be able to meet with him in his studio and hear his story.

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What is your favorite quote?

Wrdsmth : “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” from Samuel Beckett. If there is any beginning of Wrdsmth it was that, especially being in Los Angeles, that positivity in the face of things that are hard and having this attitude you have to fail in order to succeed.

When I started, it was about saying things to people in Los Angeles I wish they would have said to me when I first arrived. I am still fascinated that you can inject thoughts and positivity for people with street art.


How would you describe yourself?

I am a positive and creative person. but overall, I am a writer, continually crafting anything from stories, to sentences, to thoughts in my head. I grew up thinking I wanted to be an astronaut, a fireman, then a teacher and then a writer. I early knew I enjoyed writing, and I was fascinated with comic books, movies, and how writers create a world and characters from scratch.

I used to work in advertising and I and wanted to start a hobby that got me away from the computer for stretches of time, and that’s how the idea of Wrdsmth was born.

Do you remember your first street art?

Absolutely, you never forget! Especially the first one, with the adrenaline, it was an exciting and scary experience. I did my first piece on a wall across the street from a pawn shop, the worlds were “There is nothing sadder than a pawn shop in Hollywood” which was a creative way of saying, “don’t ever give up on your dreams.”

And your First commissioned work?

People started asking me for commission work very quickly and it made me want to be a better artist. As a writer, I was caring about the words, but when people wanted this piece for their life or in their home, I took time to learn about paint, and make it simpler, more impactful. It was very thrilling when people started to ask for commissions, and I realized it could be a career.

Do it for yourself, do what makes you happy, do what you love and hope what you do resonates with others. That is the secret to everything.


How do you manage your time between your creativity and your commissioned orders?

The freedom is with everything. 50% of my work is exploring ideas on my own, looking for walls. The other side is being hired by companies or establishments to put art on their walls. I involve them in the process, and they tell me what the mood is or what they are trying to achieve. However, every single piece I create needs to resonate with something in my life.

Where would you dream to see your art?

I always say I have an incurable case of wanderlust, I love to travel, I have done art in Paris, London, New York, Chicago. I have even been to Australia and Japan. I want to go to Italy for three weeks, and Canada like Montreal and Toronto. Those are very nice cities and great opportunities.I am from Ohio, and It would be really cool to get back.

And your next destination?

I m trying to get to New York, I have a couple of pieces I want to debut, and another one that has a meaning with Manhattan. Besides that, I might go to Houston to do a wall there and put up some art. Other than that, I plan to do a road trip in Northern California with my dog and do some art along the way.

Your definition of success?

My definition of success is Happiness, that comes from living through it. When I was working in advertising, I was very good at it, I made a lot of money, but I wasn’t happy. When I told my family I was moving to LA to be a writer, they thought I was crazy. But even when I was struggling, I was so much happier. People attribute success to fame and fortune, it’s not, it’s happiness. Happy is healthy and healthy is both mind and body.

Why did you first decide to keep your identity secret or mysterious?

I first embraced the anonymity, like most of street artists because you are breaking the law but …but I stopped caring because I wanted to meet all the people who enjoy my work and hear what they had to say. I believe in what I am doing far too much not to show my identity.

What is having good manners for you?

It’s treating people with kindness, having respect for them. What is really needed in the world right now is definitely kindness.

Do you have any bad habits?

I tend to get overexcited about things, and I have to slow down myself and accept the process. I can be overly critical and give my honest opinion. Although, people are not always willing to hear it.

What are your hobbies, what do you do in your free time?

I am still a movie buff and I like to read. When I relax, I like to immerse myself in shows. I am a big sports fan, baseball and I watch a lot of football on Sundays. I am a foodie, I love to go to restaurants, I love sushi at Sugarfish, and Father’s Office, that’s a very unique burger.

What is the best advice you ever received?

To chase your dreams and stop fearing change. Diving in the pools of unknown is healthy.

Do you have an idea of how many times your work has been posted on Instagram?

I have no idea! but I am so lucky to see people seeking and posting walls, it’s amazing to see them spreading the work and watching this snowball effect. It’s great to be a part of that.

Who and what inspires you?

I find inspiration in everything, It can be in a song, in a conversation. As a writer, my brain never really turns off. Music inspires me a lot, and it fascinates me.

Steven Soderbergh said “Talent plus perseverance equals luck…”

What is your morning routine?

I have been getting up early for years. Most writers or artists like to work at night but it never worked for me. Even though I enjoyed working in the evening, if things are going really well, I am gonna hit a wall and it bothered me.

I started waking up early and writing as long as I could, and pairing that with the love of the morning, I love sunrises, I am a coffee person.

The first thing I do is going to Runyon Canyon with my dog every morning to watch the sunrise, I am totally addicted to it. I am back at my studio around 7.30 am and start to be creative.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to make a living from a passion or a talent?

Do it for yourself, do what makes you happy, do what you love, and hope what you do resonates with others. You have to enjoy the journey, and if you do have that success, there is no higher feeling in the world.

Top 3 Favorite spots in LA?

MY 3 favorite spots in LA are Runyon Canyon, Father’s Office, and my studio!

Any artists or brands you would like to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with Shepard Fairey who is also a friend, and I would put a piece on the Moon with Banksy (laughs)

Can you share one of your own quotes?

Aspire to inspire others and the Universe will take note.

Who should we interview next?

You should interview Padhia, one of the artists I share my studio with. She is an amazing artist and writing a book that is gonna be great![/mepr-show]


Romain Wawrzyniak is our Editor-in-Chief. His enthusiasm and kindness make his guests feel comfortable creating intimate conversations and priceless insights.

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