Valérie Grandury on How She Built The Natural Skincare Odacité

Today we are happy to meet Valerie Grandury, the founder of Odacité, a skincare brand dedicated to offer efficacy and purity. Valérie shares how she started to remove all toxins from her life after being diagnosed with breast cancer and decided to create her own skincare. In our conversation, we discuss how she mixes her lifestyle in California with this unique French taste, how she unwinds during her free time, and of course, Valérie shares her skincare routine and some tips for better and healthier skin.

For people who don’t know you, how would you define yourself?

Valérie Grandury: Life is an eternal and interesting journey to know oneself and to make it short and to the point. I’m the founder and CEO of Odacité, a serial entrepreneur, a mom, an animal lover and advocate, and nature’s cherisher. I’m someone passionate who is always curious, and impatient when things don’t move fast enough! I was born and raised in Paris. After 20 years in Los Angeles, my DNA is a complex fusion of French culture, and “savoir-faire” meets California “dare to think different” attitude.

When and how did you create your brand?

Odacité launched in 2009 and pioneered what is today known as the clean beauty movement. Odacité was born out of reinventing my life after having breast cancer. Cancer was a major wake-up call and came with a scary prognostic. I knew that in order to heal, I would have to change everything, and I did! I quit my job, went back to school to become a health and wellness coach, adopted a raw vegan diet, started yoga, and meditation daily. It is through this journey that the idea for Odacité was born.

Like most French women, I love skincare and I’m very serious about it! French skincare is all about the concentration of actives and results. I wanted to marry that efficacy of French skincare with the green California lifestyle, what I call the best of my two worlds!

It is through this French-California fusion that Odacité was born so that each formula can be as pure as it is effective, without forgetting the pleasure of the senses. I’m French after all. [smiles] Previously to launching Odacité, I had a production company that produced commercials all over the world.

Odacite founder Valerie Grandury

Who and what inspires you the most at the moment?

The sustainability movement is what inspires me the most at the moment; it is great hope for the planet and all its leaving creatures. There is a real shift in the way people consume, demanding products that are purpose-driven and sustain both human and environmental health, Businesses are reinventing themselves to meet the needs of their clients without compromising the needs of the generations to come.

What does your perfect day look like?

Hum, this is such a hard “one answer” question and I feel it changes depending on what I miss most in my life. Right now because of the whole travel ban, I would love to hop on a plane to go welcome my first granddaughter who should arrive in the world any day in Berlin. While in Europe, I would fly to France to spend time with my family and childhood friends. Go for a horseback ride with my brother, stroll museums with my sister, walk the streets of Paris in awe of its beauty, share food with friends at a café terrace with a nice glass of red wine and rejoice in the freedom of hugging loved ones.

You recently introduced your brand to the iconic Galeries Lafayette in Paris. As a French woman, how important is it for you to have your brand available in France?

Colette was the first one in France that noticed Odacité and we launched in their beauty box in 2014. It was a fantastic exclusive French partnership and we were so sad when the iconic concept store closed in 2018. A few months later Le Bon Marché reached out to launch Odacité through their “Los Angeles” exhibition and then Les Galeries Lafayette on the Champs Elysées and now on Boulevard Haussmann. When it comes to skincare, I believe France has the best expertise, so being available in these prestigious French stores makes my heart very proud.

What do you like the most about California?

I love California’s open-mindedness, inclusivity, enthusiastic attitude, green perspective, and its “think different” mindset. You are encouraged to explore, dream, discover, and create. In California, you are inspired to rethink conventional practices and empowered to disrupt the status quo. There’s just a level of enthusiasm, curiosity, and desire to make a difference that you find nowhere else. This “Californian vibe” gives me wings; it is an essential part of my energy and the reason why I decided to move to LA. 

Skin care Odacite founder Valerie Grandury

And, what do you miss the most from France?

While Los Angeles is my city of creative energy, Paris the city of my heart. I miss my friends and family, and the extraordinary French lifestyle “Art de Vivre à la Française.” French people know how to cultivate beauty in everything they do, it is such an inspiration.

How would you define success?

Taking chances so you can wake up every morning with the feeling you are doing what you love.

What is your self-care routine? 

My lifesavers are yoga, meditation, and a plant-based diet.

Any tips for a healthier life and a more “glowy” skin?

Healthy glowing skin is about what you put on your skin, what you eat, and what you drink. For skin, the fasted way to glowy skin is an oil serum. I highly recommend the Odacité Wild Carrot Vital Glow Serum, for an immediate dewy glow. Adding a mask to your skin routine will also make a huge difference, and give you a skin refresh. 

For food, amp up on antioxidant-rich plant-based food. For drinks try to replace coffee with green tea. Coconut water is also a great choice for its intense hydrating properties as well as potassium, calcium, and magnesium. I also love a fresh-squeezed juice half carrots half oranges, for its high concentration of beta carotene, that imparts a rosy glow to your skin.

Also, we have to ask. What is your skincare routine? 

Like most French women I love Micellar water, it is a fast and effective cleanser that removes all impurities without having to rinse, it’s total time saver, so I cleanse with Blue Aura Cleansing Water.  Then I mist my skin with a hydrating treatment mist, to infuse my skin with deep hydration.

I follow with a serum concentrate to treat my skin according to its daily needs, right now I’m using Acai + Rose Youthful Glow in the morning and our 15% Vitamin C serum at night, for their broad-spectrum anti-aging actives. Follow with an eye cream and top it with my moisturizer. Once a week I use the Bioactive Rose Gommage to remove all dead skin cells and ensure the baby soft skin.

Our name is Good Manners, what is having good manners for you?

Good manners are a way to show people and the planet we respect them. It is about being a nice human. Saying hello, goodbye, thank you, please. Offering help, not judging, not trashing, being kind, showing up, and making a difference.

What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome when you were creating your brand?

Our biggest challenge was finding a lab that could manufacture the way I wanted my products to be made: completely fresh, in small batches, with complete control on the quality and purity of every single ingredient. We never found one… so we created our own lab, to make sure that each bottle we put out in the world can make a real difference in the way your skin feels and looks.

What do you like to do in your free time?

My free time is shared between my love for nature with hiking and visiting botanical gardens, my love for art with museums and exhibitions. My love for friends and family with good food, good wines, and good conversations that brings us together around a nice table.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t worry. You have the power to create the life you truly want.

We like to share inspiring personalities from entertainment to pro athletes or in wellness. Who would you suggest us to interview after you?

Emmanuel Rey, founder of Yuni Beauty for his vision in creating a line that marries his expertise in skincare and his passion for yoga.

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  1. Theo A. May 25, 2020

    Success emerges after some dark moments of your life; Valérie is one great example of it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Good Manners May 25, 2020

      Exactly! Building a brand with strong values!


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