When I created Unfiltered, my intention was to enhance independence and self-belief with a series of manifests starring a vibrant and an unapologetic generation of talents.

I genuinely believe in unity in diversity, and when Good Manners contacted me for my upcoming Unfiltered film, Break Down your filters, shot in Los Angeles, I suggested them to create a whole subject about empowering independence and what it really means to be independent today. During my journey on unfiltered, I met extraordinary people who inspired me by their commitment, their passion. By opening this new manifest with quotes about self-esteem from the most inspirational personalities' speeches, creating a series or portraits highlighting some of the most creative and independent personalities fell instantly like the best thing to do.

It is also an honor to be Creative Director and partner with Photographer Sylvie Castioni to reveal exclusive images on this special issue. I love reading inspiring stories of people from different circles on Good Manners and their editorial line. Those last few months spent in France, I realized the amazing freedom of certain people and artists who experiment new things and speak with a distinct voice about fundamental subjects like diversity, inclusion, equality, sexuality… but also an audience who is always looking for more transparency and honesty. Time for truth.

My perspective was to empower and give a voice to leaders and insiders. Passionate, driven, obsessed, luminous, enthusiastic, talented..not only in front of the light but also behind. From every spectrum of creativity and expression : Films, Music, Theater, Art, Fashion, Well being… « French Independence » captures the unexpected and the importance of the dream to embrace the beauty of your own freedom. People and friends who inspire me and share theirs stories, their battles, their inspirations and secrets…

And for real, it’s one of the coolest and sexiest gang to start a new decade! ENJOY.




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1. a way in which a thing is done or happens.