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Joel Bouraïma

"I am proud to be part of it and I hope my story will inspire young generations to dream and work big"

Celebrity trainer including Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Heather Monahan

“It’s critical to consume content that’s uplifting and inspiring and that is exactly what Good Manners is all about”

#1 Best Selling author and Ted Talk speaker

Vinida Savant

“It was an honor to collaborate with Good Manners, I love their purpose. Bringing together different very distinct personalities with one point in common: passion and love for their profession. John Galliano once told me: "with passion you can go up above the mountains whatever is on your path. This is exactly what Good Manners was able to transcribe as a universal message.”

Holistic Facialist

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In case you missed anything

Good Manners is an inspirational online magazine sharing exclusive and inspiring stories, insight and priceless advice from insiders, personalities and leading experts. Our guests include actors, artists, entrepreneurs, olympic champions, pro athletes, wellness experts, authors, and more.

The membership is 4$/month (yes, that’s it) and is charged annually. 

Our guests define their own success and happiness. We often focus and highlight the final destination, we want to share their stories, mindset and habits, but also their obstacles and failures, where they tested the water, so maybe you won’t have to. Pick a new habit, find inspiration, motivation, or even just feel happier.

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1. a way in which a thing is done or happens.

Only 4$/month (billed annually)