Self-Care Tips: Meet The Very Private Holistic Facialist Vinida Savant


Vinida Savant is a holistic facialist based in Paris who worked 12 years for the very exclusive skincare line Biologique Recherche. She shares with us her passion and vocation for skincare since she was a kid and her complete self-care routine and tips. We also talked about how the power of visualization helped her to find her dream location for her new and first studio in Paris.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Vinida: I was born in Bordeaux, France and I grew up in Paris. My family is originally from Laos and Thailand. I am a care therapist specialized in face treatments, because the face is connected to vital organs in Chinese Medicine.

How did you land in the wellness industry?

I think it was a vocation that was transmitted to me. My parents were buddhists and self-care is a big part of our culture. My great grandfather was a healer and was helping pregnant women to give birth. Besides, I grew up watching my mom taking care of her face, doing facials, we had a masseuse coming every week to give massage to my mom and dad.

When I was 19, I met Mrs Allouche, the Founder of Biologique Recherche, I worked 12 years for them. She was very inspired by Alternative Medicine, she taught me all this. That is why this year, I developed my own kind of treatment, that focuses on vital organs and emotions, because your face isn’t only your face, it is the reflection of your soul.

When I was a kid, I was more interested in having my dressing table, having my lotion and wash my face everyday than playing with dolls. I was fascinated by pharmacies, cosmetology and what composition was in products. I already wanted to give facial treatments when I was 4!

What is your mantra?

I practice Kundalini yoga, and I have a lot of mantras. I like “Satnam”, which means “your true identity”. This is also the name I of my institute.

If you could go to the airport and pick any destination, where would you go?

Nepal. I just came back from a yoga retreat in Himalaya with a Yogi Master and we were close to Tibet and Nepal. I regretted not having enough time to go visit.

A trip in particular that inspired you?

Himalaya for sure! But also when I went to Israel. I was young and I remembered going into the Judaean Desert, totally unprepared, without water. It was 129 degrees at 6 am, and I had to walk for an hour. In order to avoid dehydration, I had to focus and start to meditate. As a child, I have rejected the meditation part from my parents because I didn’t want to be tied to any religion. And that moment 12 years later, I realized my parents were right about the power of meditation.

We have to ask you what is your self-care routine?

I do Kundalini yoga three hours a week, and 15-20 minutes of daily meditation. In addition to this, I wear energy stones, and I take Himalayan salt baths. I have a very specific treatment routine, I do massages and facials regularly, at least once a month and I see a chiropractor every 3 months, who is very spiritually connected as well. In addition to this, I do a face mask every week, I take care of myself very rigorously. My bathroom is my temple! Also, I like to work out and go to the gym twice a week.

Vinida Savant for Good Manners and Unfiltered
Vinida Savant for Unfiltered x Good Manners
Photography by Sylvie Castioni. Makeup, Ouerdia Senouci.

What is your definition of success? and happiness?

Success is doing things with awareness, love, and passion. Happiness is knowing who you are, your truth, and accepting your flaws and your potential darkness. You need darkness to see the light. It takes a lot of courage to look at yourself in the mirror. Happiness is when you are able to convert this darkness into light, it is very powerful if you can do it.

Do you practice visualization in order to develop your self-confidence?

Visualization is very important. Your thoughts create reality, positive or negative, it works both ways. That is why mindset is so important, and meditation helps you to be in the present. By visualizing with your thoughts, things manifest and happen which gives you a feeling of strength and power. This builds up your confidence and your self-belief.

When I was a kid, I remember telling my sister that I will give Naomi Campbell a facial treatment. She came to my institute a few months after I opened.

Vinida Savant Facialist for Good Manners. She shares her self care tips and routine.
Vinida Savant for Unfiltered x Good Manners
Photography by Sylvie Castioni. Makeup, Ouerdia Senouci.

How do you define independence?

It’s being free, the freedom to share your truth.

What made you decide to launch your own place?

I have been practicing meditation and yoga every day for 7 years now, and I started to realize I had a certain gift, and my skills were evolving, I wasn’t able to use this holistic approach where I was working. The idea of creating a place where I can be fully myself and offer treatments the way I see it became a necessity.

What is your morning routine?

I rinse my face with cold water, brush my teeth, I wash my face, add an exfoliating lotion, and finish with my face cream. Then, I do have my breakfast, croissants from an amazing bakery from my place, a soy yogurt with fruits. And I recently quit tea and coffee (because it can affect hormones for women). While I digest, I do my daily meditation.

What is the best advice you received?

Madame Allouche who gave me life advice when I was very young and immature. I didn’t want to go to work because I was going through some issues and she told me to leave my personal problems at the door, that other people were counting on me. At this moment of my life, I had a lot of anger in me, and she was always patient with me. She played a big part in who I am today, I owe her a lot.

For the anecdote, I remember I had to give her a treatment every Saturday, that was my test! I was so nervous because she had such a high level of knowledge. After this, you can send me anyone, even Madonna, I won’t be scared! [laughs]

What do you prefer the most in California?

Their healthy lifestyle! They really take care of themselves, they pay attention to what they eat, etc..and they have amazing sunsets, the Californian lifestyle!

You are based in Paris. If you had to give us a tour, where would you take us?

Probably to The Sacre Coeur Basilica, there is a very unique energy there, and I feel very close to Jesus surprisingly. And I would take you to l’Hotel Particulier. I realize I like my neighborhood a lot (Montmartre). The authenticity, people know each other, etc.

Who would you dream to give a treatment to?

Madonna! When I was training younger students, I was telling them when I take care of Madonna, I will consider myself successful. [aughs] I am a big fan of Azzedine Alaia, he was supposed to come for a treatment but unfortunately he passed away 2 weeks before his appointment.

Can you describe your treatment and what makes it so special?

It is a custom experience. I adapt to the person, the moment, the energy, the skin. There is a first step of a massage, that helps me to diagnostic the face and since everything is connected to the face, I am able to see what feelings and emotions the person is carrying, if the person is angry, stressed, etc. I use a white candle, essential oils like chamomilla, lavender, geranium, and a spray (that I bought in LA by the way) with Eucalyptus and Rosewater to clean the energy in the room, which is very important.

What is your definition of good manners?

it’s first respecting yourself and be consistent with taking care of yourself.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

When I was younger, I was angry and frustrated, but more mad at myself and entitled. I would tell myself to accept to live my emotions and feelings.

Vinida Savant Biologique Recherche facialist
Vinida Savant for Unfiltered x Good Manners
Photography by Sylvie Castioni. Makeup, Ouerdia Senouci.

The biggest surprise you ever had?

The location for my spa! It is everything I wanted. I was looking for a house, not an apartment, which is not so easy to find in Paris and this is exactly what I found. It truly convinced me that whatever you want in life you can have it.

What is your source of inspiration?

Life! Life inspires me.

Who do you admire?

The yogi master I met. I only saw him for two weeks in my life but he changed my life.

Do you have tips to have better skin and feel better in your own skin?

Connect to your inner light. It might sound silly but it is so true!

Who do you think we should interview next?

Yourself? It would be interesting to know more about you, and how you started Good Manners.

Vinida Savant for Good Manners and Unfiltered. Read her self care tips
Vinida Savant for Unfiltered x Good Manners
Photography by Sylvie Castioni. Makeup, Ouerdia Senouci.
Vinida Savant takeaways

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