David Nurse on How To Improve Your Mindset in Life

NBA Life Coach David Nurse: How To Improve Your Mindset


David Nurse is a renowned optimization and life coach of more than 100 NBA players and CEOs. He is also a shooting coach for many basketball players and teams. David is the host of the 1% Podcast, where he receives pro athletes and leaders to share their journey and mindset. David is also the author of Pivot and Go, a blueprint to build your mindset in actionable steps in order to achieve success.

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David Nurse: For What I have done with the NBA players, the main thing is helping them perform at their optimal level and reach their full potential, working on their skill sets, their jump shot, things they do on the court. Then, I realized it is just a small piece, the overall is your mindset, how you approach every day, the confidence you have in yourself. My mission is to find the confidence within themselves to be exactly who they meant to be. It’s meeting people where they are and finding what they need.

When I played professional basketball overseas in Europe and in Australia, all I could do was shoot. So when I started to work with players, I had shootings contests with NBA players and beat them all, I earned their respect. Basically, I would do anything for the players I work with, I truly care about them and our relations are mostly based on trust.

What is your mantra or favorite quote?

David Nurse: One of my favorite quotes is “It takes ten years to become an overnight success.” I want things now, but I know it’s being relentlessly consistent, doing it day after day after day. I like to use the example of my uncle who just won the NBA title with the Toronto Raptors for his first year as head coach in the NBA. It took him 26 years to become an overnight success!

I also have what I call mindset pivots, and with my book coming out is full of small ways to change your perspective, terms like, relentlessly consistent, preparing for opportunity, the younger you,.. things that help to put you in a positive frame of mind.

My favorite quote is one I have on my bed stand “Today could be the best day that you have ever had!” I like to wake up in that mindset. If I don’t give the opportunity to be, It will never be.

What is your definition of success?

David Nurse: It is helping motivate, empower, encourage somebody else, and giving them the tools to empower and encourage somebody else. So, success literally could be changing one person’s life!

Are there any other athletes from other sports you would like to coach?

David Nurse: As I get more in the mindset development, I would love to coach athletes from all sports. Basketball has been my basis, but from here I want to spread out. Golf is a sport I would like to work in because that is all mindset based, a “by yourself” game.

I’d love to work with or be around athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and see what makes them different!

What is having good manners?

David Nurse: Good Manners is being somebody who other people want to be around. Be the “Steve Nash, type”, the teammate that empowers everybody else. Everybody who has played with him told me he was the best teammates they have ever had. People who get the best out of people, being someone who is willing to give up themselves for the rest of the team for the greater cause.

I want to be so confident in making other people confident .

Any bad habits you would like to get rid of?

David Nurse: My bad habit is feeling like I have to be more! Sometimes I feel like I don’t get enough done.

What is your favorite food?

David Nurse: Great question! Japanese sweet potatoes in Japan. In the wintertime, there is a truck that drives around with fresh baked Japanese sweet potatoes…Very specific but the best thing in the world!

If you could spend a day with anyone, who would that be? what would you do?

David Nurse: Easy answer. Jesus! Can I say it? That is where all my Faith and my belief is in. He got so much done, I would definitely spend the day with Jesus for many many reasons, and we would hang out in Israel, eat good food, have a feast and chill…walk on water! (laughs)

What motivates you?

David Nurse: A lot of things motivate me. If I can help somebody become so passionate about their passions, that motivates me! It motivates me with the NBA players when I see my guys get their contracts, make All-Star Game, or see them so excited about fixing their shots. Motivates me big time!

If you could have a superpower..what would you pick?

David Nurse: I would have to say it’s reading people’s minds. It would be an amazing superhero power to know exactly what people need and think when I interact with them. I don’t know if I want to know it all though! (laughs)

Your uncle won the NBA title with the Toronto Raptors, what was one of your best memories?

David Nurse: I was there with him, got to celebrate in the locker room with him. I was so proud of him because I know the journey he has been on, most people have no idea what he has been through, the ups and downs, coaching in obscure places in Europe. And just to see him reach that pinnacle and basically, become the best coach in the world, it was super exciting!

Who’s your team for this year’s title?

David Nurse: Raptors! they are going back to back, they are going to beat the Lakers and the Clippers!

Tell us about your morning routine, but also your night routine.

David Nurse: The morning routine starts with the evening routine. I try to optimize my sleep, I use my Chilipad, make sure everything is blacked out in the room, and get 8 hours of sleep.

My evening routine is reflecting on the day I’ve had. My wife and I will talk about our little joys, the things we are thankful for. By doing that, it also helps you sleep, because when you go to sleep with a thankful mind, it actually increases your heart rate variability, so you get a great night of sleep.

My morning routine, that time is very precious to me, I start by having coffee or some matcha as well, I have prayer time where I spend time just talking to God, literally trying to sit and quiet. Then I will do some type of mobility, will go for a walk and watch the sunrise. Usually, I will do my work out in the morning…and my ice-cold shower, it’s absolutely game changer for me, for my mentality too!

How do you adapt your daily and weekly goals with your long term vision?

David Nurse: First I have my big vision that I want, and it could change but right now what I want for my work, for my mission is to speak all over the world to hundreds of thousands of people.

Then, I ask myself what I can do daily that can take a step towards that big goal. I have weekly goals and a daily thing that I would do each night before bed. And at the start of each year, I put up big goals and look at those each month, to see the progress and adjust if I need to shift somewhere.

How do you spend your free time?

David Nurse: With my wife. Spending time with her is my favorite thing to do. She is amazing!

Where do you find your inspiration?

David Nurse: I find my inspiration from God. He called me on this mission to help encourage other people. I don’t look at it as a job or as a career. I know people can have ultimate joy.

Happiness is a choice that you make. Waking up everyday, I am super excited about the day ahead because each day is a gift, and I know everybody can achieve that.

How do you manage stress and moments of insecurities?

David Nurse: This is going to happen! Everybody is going to have stress or this feeling of overwhelm.

I like to look at the big picture, and detach myself from that situation. Then, that overwhelm or stress don’t feel as much. Moreover, I have this “mindset pivots” with positive quotes reminders all over my house. Those constant reminders are so important because we are the thoughts that we tell us daily. We speak to ourselves more than anybody else does.

What advice would you give to people to reach their full potential and even find their purpose?

David Nurse: You need to figure out what juices you up, what excites you. It’s not easy, you have to grind! but it’s not “work” if you enjoy it, I love the grind!

It’s the end of the year and the “resolutions season”, how actually get new resolutions and stick to it?

David Nurse: It takes 28 days to build a habit. On that 29th day, it’s your choice, do you want to make a lifestyle or go away from it. My book takes you, step by step to how to build your lifestyle, based on your success.

People are going to make big bold resolutions but you have to have actionable steps to reach those, something that you gonna do 1% daily, this compound effect. The mindset pivot in the book ” Pivot and Go” is all about to make those little small perspective changes that change your entire perspective.

It’s about enjoying the journey on getting to that result. Things are not going to work unless you have a plan!

Who should we interview next?

David Nurse: Peter Crone! He helps athletes, celebrities develop their subconscious, he is unbelievable!

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